Here is one of the options of the OPTION SHIRT Project.


  • This Half Shirt is a detachable detail that can be worn with any of [shirt stories] Option Shirts.
  • It has invisible bindings as transparent buttons that provide easy mount to the shirt. You can put on and take off this bow easily – anyway the shirt will look balanced.
  • Put on your Option Shirt in the morning and just grab the Half Shirt with you to transform your look by attaching an unexpected detail to your shirt in the evening.
  • The Half Shirt is made of the same material as the Option Shirt. 
  • This Half Shirt can be attached to the Option Shirt collar and buttons in various places: on the side, back or front through to hidden fastenings.




Please note that every shirt is crafted by hand due to the complicated cut that makes it fit and look so good on your body. It takes up to 3 full days of work to create one shirt, so please be patient – in case we are out of stock your order will take a bit more time to be delivered.

Feel free to contact us: ask@shirtstories.co




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