Kyiv-based brand of tailored shirts is taking one more step towards creating sustainable wardrobe staple that can be styled in multiple ways. [shirt stories] are launching “Option Drop” – one shirt with nine optional details. The Option shirt is slightly oversized and comes in 3 lengths – basic, long and cropped. It can be worn either by itself or with one or several detachable options that provide versatile style ideas.

Balaclava, classic collar, long cuffs, corset, bustier, medium and oversized bow, half-shirt and a tie – these are the 9 elements that can be attached, added or worn upon the Option shirt to create various styles on a basis of a single shirt. All the elements of the Option Drop are attached in a discreet way with the help of hidden buttons and result in a completely different look of the shirt. Streetstyle-friendly balaclava, half-shirt and oversized bow create bold and edgy looks, while classy corset, bustier and tie are a perfect fit for office dress-code.

With the new drop [shirt stories] remain true to the idea of creating bespoke tailored shirts. Each shirt is handcrafted at a small atelier in Kyiv and can be adjusted to the client’s measurements providing a perfect fit. Avoiding overproduction, [shirt stories] work on made-to-order basis, creating timeless items of premium quality that can be styled multiple ways for any occasion. Bespoke handcrafted shirts therefore become a sustainable wardrobe investment, which is durable, stylish and versatile.