[shirt stories] is a monobrand specializing in the white shirt that bridges the gap between classic wardrobe essentials and avant-garde fashion. Discreet yet directional, the signature look is deconstructed and strong, playing with proportions and forms.

Every shirt is a statement piece that can and is to be modified, styled and adjusted to your preferences making it a go-to option for any occasion. Bringing an intellectual approach to modern design, [shirt stories] creates timeless pieces that are a perfect wardrobe investment which stays relevant both at the office and at the party.

Smart, eclectic and multi-optional – [shirt stories] is creating the contemporary version of all-time classics.



Ignoring overproduction, synthetic materials, and dyes, [shirt stories] creates high-quality pieces that will become an intricate part of a modern woman’s wardrobe. Each piece is sewn and created by hand, with all the deconstructed details that allow the multiple styling options of the shirt.

[shirt stories] is not a mass production and every item has its special one-of-a-kind soul – just like each and every one of our clients.

Founded in 2016, [shirt stories] is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, though with an international approach to design as well as worldwide shipping.